Technology Consulting
Learn what we can do to improve your technology

With new advances in technology happening on almost a daily basis, it’s hard to cut through the noise to find the right combination of effective technology tools. Our IT Consulting services offer businesses a custom technology solution designed to improve productivity and grow with you. Our Team of Technicians are constantly testing new services and technologies to be able to suggest the right tools for your needs.

Solutions for your business:

  • Network Installations

  • Email & Exchange

  • Business Applications

  • Back-up & Disaster Recovery

  • Privacy & Security

  • Storage Solutions

  • Mobile Integration

How it works:

Our consulting services are offered at an hourly rate, or on a project basis, depending on the nature of the services required. We’ll assign your company to a Tech Executive, who will manage your technology needs, as well as serve as the primary contact for your account. We’re able to consult on a number of matters, ranging from network infrastructure, security, wireless installations, mobile integration, and much more.

We’re able to solve a range of network issues, such as slow internet speeds, incomplete or spotty wireless networks, and connectivity issues. We’re also able to craft a disaster recovery plan, ensuring that you have proper on-site and off-site backups, as well as a detailed plan in case of catastrophic failure.

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